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Added concert recordings for 1985 and 1986 ! See the archives !


Sep 7

Thanks to Richie 'Rich' Herbert & Mike Longworth for their guitar tabs !

Sep 6

Thanks to Dave Chinery his 'vintage' 1989 & 1991 photos,
and thanks to George Robertson his cool b/w Glasgow 2003 photos !

May 6

Thanks again to Ian Marchant for his May 2003 photos !

May 4

Thanks to Jon for a few Worcester photos !

Apr 29

Thanks to Nige for his Cambridge photos, and thanks to John Harris for his Derby photos !

Apr 25

Thanks to Ian Marchant for his April 2003 photos !

Apr 25

Thanks to Geoff Matthews Cambridge photos were added, and thanks to Andy Liverpool photos were added !

Apr 23

The first few April photos were added !

Mar 30

An Auctions section was added where you can offer items for auctioning, but which also has Wanted Ad's and Classifieds !

Jan 28

An Shop was added so you can finally get those rare items !

Jan 15

An interview with Julianne on the new Iceland cd has been added !


Nov 14

Thanks to Bruce Parker a new page was added with some nice historic photos !

Sep 29

Thanks to Steve the complete UK 89 Tour Itinerary was added !

Aug 25

Ian was very fast in sending his Oxford & Canterbury pics !

June 20

Steve Nash provided easy to use discographies in Acrobat PDF format for the regular releases and compilations.
The most recent versions will always be available through the discography page.

June 3

Chris also sent some nice May pics, for Sheffield, Leeds & Liverpool !

May 30

Ian sent even more May pics, for Liverpool, Exeter, Norwich, Bilston & London !

May 29

Dean Franklin (Llanelli Jack) was so kind to email live pics from Oxford, Bilston & Swansea 2002 !

May 27

Thanks to Ian more May pics were added, for Cambridge & Leeds.

Steve sent some nice pics from the 80's, see the magazine pics and the B/W pics.

Scans for May shirts, posters and tickets were added.

May 15

Thanks to Sir Mike for the Southampton photos - fast as ever !

May 12

Thanks to Ian for the first pictures of the May gigs !

April 14

Mikey was so creative to add a lot of artwork for the archive recordings !

March 17

Thanks to Steve Nash a lot of 2000 and 2001 posters were added.

February 12

Many thanks to Chris Owen for his Union Chapel 2001 photos !


October 18

Many thanks again to Anthony & Tracy Valentine for sending me the Edinburgh photos !

October 16

Frank & Goony finally managed to compile the solo discographies for each band member !
(just click on a band member's name)

September 23

Thanks to Ken Pape for mailing me 3 Penzance photos !

September 7

Thanks to Anthony & Tracy Valentine for sending me the Julianne & annA rydeR photos !

August 29

Again thanks to Steve Shepherd pictures of the Southend gig were added !

August 21

A 'new and improved' interview with Julianne has been added !

August 16

Thanks to Steve Shepherd pictures of the Dartford gig were added, together with some mice pics !

July 21

If you have a WAP-enabled mobile phone you can now visit the WAP version of this website !

July 20

Steve Barfield provided quite a few 'new' guitar tabs - see the lyrics page for an index !

June 18

Howard was so kind to provide another 20 of his concert photos !

June 13

Many thanks to Doron Sayar for his midi file of Wild Hearted woman ! See multimedia section.

May 24

Thanks to Steve Nash almost all ticket stubs for 2000 and 2001 were added to the concert page, as well as some new posters !

May 15

Again many thanks to Ian for more than 50 new live Jan-Feb 2001 pictures and live Feb-Apr 2001 pictures ! Also thanks to Steve again for all his work.

May 2

Many thanks to Ian for some of his excellent live 2000 pictures ! Also thanks to Steve for his logistics.

February 21

Thanks to Mick Mercer and to Julianne, an interesting interview with Julianne from 1994 was added.

February 13

Thanks to Gooner some low quality Southampton pics were added.

January 26

Thanks to Howard for providing various live 2000 pictures ! Also thanks to Dave Barney and his new camera for his Kings Lynn pictures !

January 16

After having drunk too many Red Bulls, Dr. Evil Goony designed a program allowing you to send your loved one a Virtual Eve Postcard !

January 10

Thanks to Arthur and Ellen some Union Chapel pictures were added !

January 9

Added the interview with Mark Thwaite, the Mission guitarist who played a part in the Eves' reunion !


December 12

Added the 2 new T-shirts.

November 17

Frank and Goony recently did an interview with Stylorouge, the design company that did the artwork for the Eves albums from 1987-1991. Read all about the people behind the album covers !

October 16

Some more Garage pics were added, thanks to Ronald.

Thanks to Doron, the guitar tabs for Wild Hearted Woman were added.

October 14

More than 20 recordings were added to the archives - thanks to Frank & Michael !

October 11

Thanks to Jürgen guitar tabs for Are You Lonely and Share It With Me were added, with more to follow !

September 3

Thanks to John O. 3 special Croydon pictures were added, as well as the handwritten Our Summer lyrics.

Thanks to Gillian and her trusty scanner, a lot of ticket scans were added to the concert listing (including that X-mas one!).

The archives were updated with 3 recordings : ULU 1986, St. Davids 1987 and Leicester 2000.

August 23

Some Garage pictures were added, as well as more Colchester photos.

August 20

The pictures section was reorganized into several subpages, and Colchester photos were added.

August 5

The history section was finally updated to reflect the past 10 years :-)

Six posters were added, including some nice concert posters.

July 15

Julianne was so kind as to supply the official lyrics for "Our Summer", "Ascent/Descent" and "Moodswing" - with more lyrics to follow !
Also thanks to Louisa for her lyrics revelations :-)

Thanks to Anthony Valentine for his gorgeous Mice live photos !

Thanks to Frank, lots more shirts were added, with some posters to follow.

And thanks to Derek for mailing me the official Andy™ Designer shirt, as well the "I'm A Believer" mpegs !

May 24

The long awaited new discography is finally there !!

May 16

Many, many thanks to Frank who made the following updates possible !!

The lyrics of 6 early songs were added : All Of Our Faces, Angel, No Eden, Say We'll Never (Heaven), Understand, and Where Will You Find It.

More than 60 excellent and interesting pictures were added !

Also, the discography will soon be updated with so much data, it will probably be over-complete !

April 10

Added some very nice stills of 8 tv appearances - many thanks to Dave M. !

April 2

Added some scans of tickets to the concerts section, so you have some more proof these gigs actually took place ! If you have other tickets, please mail me. Also added more stuff to the archives.

March 6

Finally moved the Eve pages to my new domain (but I guess you gathered as much). Its a bit easier to remember (for me that is!) than the old address. If you find errors which were not intended please mail me.

March 1

Added a few more shirts, thanks to Henge and Howard (yes I know I still have to do the other one :-)). Again thanks to Howard for some interesting old pics. Thanks to Derek for the discography updates, and for another nice mpeg.

February 7

Added pages with pics and info about the fans on the Eves mailing list ! See the Mystery People.

February 5

Many cool video bits of the Luton gigs were added - big thanks to Derek !
Some excellent Cropredy'89 photos were added, thanks to Stuart Lee.

January 22

Added the new unplugged tour shirt and a TBJ shirt to the t-shirts section and an interesting early recording from 1986 to the archives.

January 9

Added 4 concert posters and data for the new unplugged gigs. Added the 'new' song Let Me Entertain You to the discography and lyrics pages.

January 1

Fixed all those millennium bugs in my webpages...


December 5

The concert page was updated with the new gigs, same for the posters and shirts pages.

Thanks to Copilot and CJ a page with pictures from the Manchester gig was added.

And again some recordings were added to the archives.

September 15

Special thanks to Angel(ika) for all the stuff below (and much more !) - Du bist einfach superheftig ! :-)

Some more great pictures were added to the pictures section, the discography was updated with more pictures of rare items, and another recording was added to the archives.

September 14

Added "The Best Of" album to the discography, and lyrics for "Hit or Miss".

May 18

Added 11 great live photos to the pictures section - many thanks to Steve Seskin !

May 11

Added some more cover piccies to the discography, thanks to Dave, Andy and Angel(ika) !

March 24

Added a guestbook ! (I hope you're happy now Fatty ?!)

March 21

Added a few thumnails of live photos.

February 26

Added some weird backgrounds (like this one !)

February 21

Added the Mice clip "The Milkman" (thanks to Fatty !) to the video stills section.

February 20

Moved the (previously separate) video stills to the archive section, with a new layout.

February 19

Added the archives section to help people find rare recordings. Outdated links were corrected.

February 18

Added pictures of two rare records to the discography, both with a poster.


December 19

Added a few more t-shirt descriptions; exact designs still missing...

December 18

The discography section was enhanced with more picures of all records, and now has the possibility to zoom in on many of the album covers.

December 16

Various lyrics were added and improved.

December 12

The homepage was changed a bit, with graphic section titles, and a few sounds were added to several sections.

December 7

Most sections were re-vamped, with more colours to enhance readability.

December 3

All piccies were re-scanned coz the old ones were too bright; new piccies were added to the pictures section, and to various other sections.


October 27

While doing exams, Colin Booth managed to deciper the seven remaining Ultraviolet lyrics ! He already did some nice work on the Mice lyrics - visit his web pages for both.

October 16

Added a link to Goony's new and crappy Mice site (will he ever learn proper html ?!). Added the new and crappy Mice site as well. (Thanks to CJP for allowing me to steal his diskspace again.)

September 1

Phil Mayne managed to decipher the lyrics to no less than 4 songs : End Of The Day, Love Leads Nowhere, Nothing Without You and Light As A Feather - Great Work !
Thanks to Ed 'Smeghead' Miller several other lyrics were corrected.

June 6

Some lyrics were changed, and maybe even corrected ! Thanks to Ainsley Stones and Roy 'Failures 'r Us'. Chris Wright somehow managed to get the lyrics to Silver Song !

March 24

To improve performance, where possible all GIFs were transformed into JPGs (hope your browser doesn't mind...)

March 22

The pictures section has been completely mutilated, as requested by Phil Mayne. Instead of always getting the complete mess you now can choose which part of the mess you want ! Besides, the pictures are much better now, with much more colours, and lots of extra pixels ! Furthermore, they are all JPG's instead of those silly GIF's.
This section looks fantastic on netscape browsers 2.0 and better, and completely miserable on anything else !
Thanks to CJP for unknowingly lending me his diskspace.

March 15

The lyrics section is enhanced with a nifty index to all the songs ! What's more, it's almost alphabetic, and every song is listed with its source album / single !

February 28

Some previously unavailable lyrics were added; some covers were found at other sites (all of them much nicer than this one) after months of dedicated web-scumsurfing, partially to support my local telephone company. Other songs were found by carefully listening to the songs and carelessly writing them down - my interpretations are really funny, so go see them !

The singles-lyrics section was spectacularly changed with a spectacularly changed background ! (and some lyrics were added).

February 4 - February 27

Arthur Gill sent me a few hunderd compliments about how complete the discography was, together with about the same number of corrections. I don't think I updated them all, but you can always mail me...

February 3

The T-shirt section was updated when Gizz told me about his squeaky clean collection (except for that Royal Albert Hall shirt...)

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