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Since I'm quite fond of T-shirts here's a page dedicated to them.
These are just the shirts I know of - if you know of some more
(or want to get rid of yours), please wake me up.

NB : None of the pre-2000 shirts are for sale (not anywhere)...

1986 - Concerts - Posters

First ever shirt
First ever shirt.

Prince / Princess (exact shirt design unknown)

1987 - Concerts - Posters

Not pictured :

1988 All About Eve - Concerts - Album - Posters

Logo shirt
In The Clouds shirt
In The Clouds.
Bird shirt
Every Angel shirt
Every Angel.
In The Clouds front
In The Clouds - front.
Also in long sleeve. Also in white.
Autumn Rhapsody tour.
In The Clouds back
In The Clouds - back.
Back same as black shirt.
Golden Dawn shirt
Golden Dawn, Æ & Mission.
Resp. texts on back.

Also available :
  • Autumn Rhapsody tour enamel badge.

    1989 Scarlet And Other Stories - Concerts - Album - Posters

    Scarlet shirt
    (just back from the Ashbrooke launderette)
    Scarlet shirt
    Scarlet - front.
    Tour dates on back. Also in black.
    Scarlet shirt
    Scarlet - back.
    Glastonbury 1989 shirt
    Glastonbury 1989 - front.
    (Howard's shirt!)
    Glastonbury 1989 shirt
    Glastonbury 1989 - back.
    Glastonbury 1989 shirt
    Glastonbury 1989 - black version.
    Bandana - Thanks to Ronald.
    Scarlet sweater - front
    Black sweater with red embroirdered
    logo left of heart (close up).

    See also the Scarlet tour enamel badge.

    1990 - Concerts - Posters

    Spoon Squad shirt front
    Spoon Squad shirt - front.
    (Non-official. Used to be white!)
    Spoon Squad shirt back
    Spoon Squad shirt - back.
    (Thanks to Henge)

    Royal Albert Hall - back
    Royal Albert Hall - back.
    (includes drawing of RAH)
    Royal Albert Hall - front
    Royal Albert Hall - front (close up).
    Small AAE logo above the heart.

  • Also available : RAH enamel badge   (same as EVEMC11 badge).

    1991 Touched By Jesus - Concerts - Album - Posters

    Touched By Jesus shirt
    Touched By Jesus. Tour Dates on back
    Also as bootleg shirt in black with backprint.
    Strange Way shirt
    Strange Way.
    Touched By Jesus shirt
    Touched By Jesus. (Thanks to Ronald)
    Farewell Mr. Sorrow shirt
    Farewell Mr. Sorrow. Also in black.
    'Farewell' on back.
    Eden shirt
    Eden. With backprint.
    Also with white print (bootleg?).
    Also as black on black, short sleeved
    Underworld 27 Aug 1991
    Underworld 27 Aug 1991 backprint.
    Front same as TBJ top-left.

    Also available :
  • TBJ tour (2nd leg) enamel badge.

    1992 Ultraviolet - Concerts - Album - Posters

    Ultraviolet shirt
    Ultraviolet. 'Ultraviolet' on back.
    Also as short sleeve.
    Some Finer Day shirt
    Some Finer Day.
    Phased shirt
    Phased. 'Phased' on back. (Ed Harris' shirt !)
    Also in black long sleeve (thanks Kerry !)
    UV bootleg front
    Ultraviolet bootleg - front.
    UV bootleg back
    Ultraviolet bootleg - back.

    1999 Special Reunion Tour - Concerts - Posters

    1999 Reunion shirt
    Reunion Tour. (Ok, this one is not very official... Thanks John !)

    2000 Unplugged - Concerts - Album - Posters

    Fairy Light Nights
    Fairy Light Nights. Tour dates on back.
    Also in skinny black, light blue and dark blue.
    Andy's shirt
    Official Andy™ Designer Wear.
    (Thanks to Derek)
    2000 Unplugged
    Unplugged Tour. Tour dates on back.
    (Unofficial. Thanks again John...)
    Union Chapel
    Union Chapel 2000. Also in skinny black.
    Girl Flower. Also in skinny black.

    2001 More Unplugged - Concerts - Album - Posters

    Blue Flower
    Blue Girl Flower.
    (thanks again Derek for these 3)
    Trowbridge Festival
    Trowbridge Festival - front
    Trowbridge Festival
    Trowbridge Festival - back
    Union Chapel 2001
    Union Chapel 2001.
    Julianne's Fairy Design
    Julianne's Fairy Design
    Julianne's Manga Girl Design
    Julianne's Manga Girl Design

    2002 - Concerts - Posters

    Birds - front
    Birds - front.
    Birds - back
    Birds - back.

    2003 - Concerts - Posters

    Cinemasonic. Tour dates on back.
    First batch have tour dates on back.
    Nobodies Perfect
    Nobodies Perfect.

    2004 - Concerts - Posters

    Germany 2004 (cancelled). Tour dates on back.

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