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The author, not having shaved for several days. Unshaved author
Fatsy & Bobster
Fatsy & Bobster
Age 3 Years (Mental age: 2 years). Estimated life span: 8-10 years.
AddressA 3-storey cave somewhere in Hampstead.
PhoneCordless (but not designed that way.)
Marital statusAll hamsters are solitary (NB: hamsters don't multiply, they just reincarnate.)
ProfessionWriting crap (in every possible way.)
EducationNational Polytechnic for Rodents, Nottinghamster.
Hobbies Gnawing away at speaker cables and new clothes. Spending winters in hybernation. Spending summers in hybernation. Gathering food and t-shirts. Not shaving. (And putting at least 20% of any given text between parentheses.)
Pets The two fatcats shown above; they are 6 times my size, and eat twice my weight each day, but I can handle them !
(notice the secret Romulan 'Bird Of Prey'-blueprint on Bobsters back)

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