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Are You Lonely Transcription by Jürgen Castan.
Part 1: (Verse & Chorus) Em7 D C D E --------0-------|----------------|--------0-------|----------------| B ----3-----3---3-|----3-------3---|----1-----1---1-|----1-------3---| G --0---0-----0---|--0---0---2---2-|--0---0-----0---|--0---0---2---2-| D ----------------|--------0-------|----------------|--------0-------| A ----------------|----------------|3---------------|3---------------| E 0---------------|0---------------|----------------|----------------| Part 2: (Verse) Am D E ----------------|--------2-------| B --------1-------|----3-----3---3-| G ----2-----2---2-|--2---2-----2---| D --2---2-----2---|0---------------| A 0---------------|----------------| E ----------------|----------------| Part 3: (Middle-Part) (The first line of chords is the last repetition of the chorus, which ends with an C here because of following F-Chord) Em7 D C E --------0-------|----------------|--------0-------|----------------| B ----3-----3---3-|----3-------3---|----1-----1---1-|----1-------3---| G --0---------0---|--0---0---2---2-|--0---------0---|--0-------2---2-| D 2-----2---------|2-------0-------|----------------|--------0-------| A ----------------|----------------|3-----3---------|3-----3---------| E ----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| (Begin of middle part) F C Dm A# E --------1-1-----|--------0H3P0-----|--------3-1-----|----------------| B ------1-----1---|----1---------3---|----3-------3---|6-3---------3---| G ----2---------2-|------0---------2-|--2---2-------2-|----3---------3-| D --3-------------|--2---------------|0---------------|------3---3-----| A 3---------------|3-----------------|----------------|--------5-------| E ----------------|------------------|----------------|----------------| (Distorted guitar during middle part) E ----------------|------------------|----------------|----------------| B ----------------|------------------|----------------|----------------| G ----------------|------------------|----------------|----------------| D 3-----------x-x-|2-----------------|----------------|3---------------| A ----------------|--------------5-3-|5---------------|1---------------| E ----------------|------------------|----------------|----------------| Note: H stands for a hammer-on, P for a pull-off Song structure
Intro: (2 times Part 1, beginning at 00:15 of track on CD) 1.Verse: (4x Part 1) Em7 D C D Em7 Do you feel so small, on a sunday afternoon D C D Em7 In your loveless house, full of empty rooms D C D Em7 Once a place of life, once upon a time D C D Flames are dying out, while ghosts move in 1. Verse (3x Part 2) Am D Am D Am Crossing on the stair, asleep in empty chairs D So tell me are you Chorus: (2x Part 1) Em7 D C D Lonely Are you Em7 D C D Lonely 2. Verse (same as first verse, 4x 1 Part, 3x 2. Part) Chorus (2x Part 1, C is played instead of last D for introduction of middle part) Middle part: (3x Part 3) F C Dm A# while love lives, while suns set, while snowmoons rise in november skies F C Dm A# while ties bind, while souls cry, while oceans ride in an endless tide F C Dm A# Em7 (first chord of chorus) while love grows, while blood flows, while truth is real you need never feel alone Chorus (2x Part 1) 3. Verse (3x Part 2) Repeat Chorus (4x Part 1) Notes
This song is surprisingly simple although it kicks you right between the eyes when you first hear it. Almost only simple major and minor chords are used, except one minor seven, which, in my opinion, gives the song what is so special about it (in combination with the vast use of strings, the incredible melody-line and the arrangement, which begins very calm and ends in a explosion of sounds). The first part is used for verses as well as chorus, which also includes some piano/keyboard. The second part is the one between the verses and chorus and uses almost the same picking scheme as the first part, only the chords differ. Since the chords of part 3 are not played by guitar (strings are used here), I tried to figure out the correct chords and added a guitar-picking of my own, which I hope is somewhat ok. I also noted what I think the distorted guitar plays during this part (This is somewhat hard to figure out since it is not clear which part is strings and which is guitar...)

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