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Kelli Ali news...

09/06/04---- ***NEW SINGLE*** Kelli will be releasing a new single in July, read the full story at the official site >HERE<
08/06/04---- 'Play With Bootsy' album released in the USA.
25/05/04---- The new OFFICIAL SITE is online. Check it out >HERE<

The Infinite Star, site updates...

12/07/04---- Photo added to Lumieres page.
29/06/04---- Kelli's CDs, & record, pages updated.
13/06/04---- 2 new interviews added - Indeigo Magazine, & 3D World Magazine.
12/06/04---- New press photos added to Kelli's photos section.
12/06/04---- This news & updates page added.
11/06/04---- Site look changed slightly, new header, and front page photo.
08/06/04---- 'Psychic Cat' lyrics added to music section.
08/06/04---- Time Off magazine interview added to the interviews section.
08/06/04---- New page added to the photo section - Desktop backgrounds.
08/06/04---- New bass tab added to music section.
29/04/04---- Stills from the 'Play With Bootsy' video added >HERE<
03/04/04---- New album info added to Kelli's CDs page 1 >HERE<