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Rhythm Of Life Transcription by Doron Sayar.
Part 1: Intro Am G Am G F7 E|--------0-------|--------0-------|--------0-------|--------0-------| B|----0-1---1-0-1-|----0-1---1-0-1-|----0-1---1-0-1-|----0-1-1-1-0-1-| G|--2-------------|--0-------------|--2-------------|--0-----2-------| D|----------------|----------------|----------------|--------3-------| A|0---------------|----------------|0---------------|----------------| E|----------------|3---------------|----------------|3---------------| Am C G F7 Am C G F7 E|0---0-0-0---0-0-|3---3-3-0---0-0-|0---0-0-0---0-0-|3---3-3-0-------| B|1---0-1-1-2-0-1-|0---0-1-1-1-0-1-|1---0-1-1-2-0-1-|0---0-1-1-------| G|2-2-2-2-0---0-0-|0-0-0-0-2---2-2-|2-2-2-2-0---0-0-|0-0-0-0-2-------| D|2---2-2-2---2-2-|0---0-0-3---3-3-|2---2-2-2---2-2-|0---0-0-3-------| A|0-------3-------|2---------------|0-------3-------|2---------------| E|----------------|3---------------|----------------|3---------------| The nice thing here is that we can actually play both the lead and the backing chords at the same time - this really sounds genuine! Once in every chord shift, the second bit is a single note and the rest are chords, which gives the mixed feeling. Part 2: Verse I'm no where... ever been I'm no one I can't remember me make it all Em C Em C E|----0-------0---|----3--5-3-5-3--|----0-------0---|----3--5-3-5-3--| B|----0-------0---|----3-----3---3-|----0-------0---|----3-----3---3-| G|----0-------0---|----5-----------|----0-------0---|----5-----------| D|----2--22-2-2---|----5-----------|----2--22-2-2---|----5-----------| A|-------22-2-----|3---------------|-------22-2-----|3---------------| E|0------00-0-----|----------------|0------00-0-----|----------------| go.. showing me heaven...door closed... A D D# Em E|0---------------|5-------6-------|----------------|----------------| B|2---------------|7-------8-------|----------------|----------------| G|2---------------|7-------8-------|----------------|----------------| D|2---------------|7-------8-------|----------------|----------------| A|0---------------|5-------6-------|----------------|----------------| E|x---------------|x-------x-------|----------------|----------------| Like the church doors.. ..need a little ..outside his... Em C Em C E|----0-------3232|----3--5-3-5-3--|----0-------3232|----3--5-3-5-3--| B|----0-------0000|----3-----3---3-|----0-------0000|----3-----3---3-| G|----0-------0000|----5-----------|----0-------0000|----5-----------| D|----2--22-2-----|----5-----------|----2--22-2-----|----5-----------| A|-------22-2-----|3---------------|-------22-2-----|3---------------| E|0------00-0-----|----------------|0------00-0-----|----------------| know... where were... needed ..to hold... A D D# Am E|0---------------|5-------6-------|----------------| B|2---------------|7-------8-------|----------------| G|2---------------|7-------8-------|----------------| D|2---------------|7-------8-------|----------------| A|0---------------|5-------6-------|----------------| E|x---------------|x-------x-------|----------------| The only difference between the 2 halves of the verse is the insertion of the second guitar on the Em. I know - it's easier typed than played! But even if you get somehow close to it then it's probably enough . Part 3: Chorus - exactly like the second half of the intro! Part 4: Middle section Simply playing the following sequence of chords 4 times : Em G F# F E|0-------3-------|2-------1-------| B|0-------3-------|2-------1-------| G|0-------4-------|3-------2-------| D|2-------5-------|4-------3-------| A|2-------5-------|4-------3-------| E|0-------3-------|2-------1-------| The guitar solo is also based on the intro/chorus chords, and since it is somewhat blurred I can't think of any special notes for it. Basic Song Chords
Am C G F INTRO Am C G F INTRO Em C I'm no where that I've ever been Em C I'm no-one I can't remember me A make it all go D You're showing me heaven D# Your door is always Em C Closed, like the church doors Em C When you need a little Jesus, ooh outside his business hours you know A D D# Where were you when I needed you to Am C G F Hold me, give a little beat of your heart to me you've got to Am C G F Hold me, the rythm of life to me, you've got to Am C G F (hold on now, hold on now) give a little beat of your heart to me Am C G F (hold on now, hold on now), the rythm of life... Em to me... And on...

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