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  • The periods mentioned refer to the time of collaboration, not the life span of the band.

Gene Loves Jezebel (1982-83)

Julianne plays bass and piano on the record and does backing vocals on the lead track.

12"Beggars Banquet
Situation 2 SIT 18T
10 May 1982
Shaving My Neck
Shaving My Neck / Sun And Insanity / Machismo / Glad To Be Alive
cdJungle FREUD CD38
Gothic Rock
Various artists companion album to the book by Mick Mercer, includes Shaving My Neck.
Also released on Cleopatra label USA.

The Swarm (1984-85)

casDemo Tape Demo Tape
D For Desire / This Isn't Heaven / A Trembling Hand / Fate Flies / No Sleep Until Dawn

The Mission (1986-90)

The next Mission albums feature Julianne on backing vocals (tracks are highlighted.)
Some Mission albuns feature Andy Cousin on bass.

Mercury MERH 102
Mercury 830 603-2
Mercury MERHC 102
Nov 1986
God's Own Medicine
LP : Wasteland / Bridges Burning / Garden Of Delight / Stay With Me / Let Sleeping Dogs Die / Sacrilege / Dance On Glass / And The Dance Goes On / Severina / Love Me To Death
CD also includes Blood Brother and Island In A Stream.
Initial LP copies come in an embossed gatefold sleeve.
7" Mercury MYTH 3 Severina
Severina / Tomorrow Never Knows
Also in ltd.ed. with poster.
12"Mercury MYTHX 3
Mar 1987
Severina (Aqua-Marina Mix) / Wishing Well / Tomorrow Never Knows (Amphetamix)
Also in ltd.ed. with poster.
Julianne's vocals on "Severina" and "Tomorrow Never Knows" are different from 7" versions.
Mercury MISH 2
Mercury 834263-2
Mercury MISHC 2
Feb 1988
LP/Cas : Beyond The Pale / A Wing And A Prayer / Heaven On Earth / Tower Of Strength / Kingdom Come / Breathe / Child's Play / Shamera Kye / Black Mountain Mist / Heat / Hymn (For America)
CD includes Dream On and Fabienne
Initial LP copies come in an embossed gatefold sleeve.
Beyond The Pale is also available as single.
Mercury 842 251-1
Mercury 842 251-2
Mercury 842 251-4
Feb 1990
Carved In Sand
Amelia / Into The Blue / Butterfly On A Wheel / Sea Of Love / Deliverance / Grapes Of Wrath / Belief / Paradise (Will Shine Like The Moon) / Hungry As The Hunter / Lovely
Into The Blue is also available as single.
Mercury 846 937-1
846 937-2
846 937-4
Oct 1990
Grains Of Sand
LP : Hands Across The Ocean / The Grip Of Disease / Divided We Fall / Mercenary / Mr Pleasant / Kingdom Come (Forever & Again) / Heaven Sends You / Sweet Smile Of A Mystery / Love / Bird Of Passage.
CD/Cas also include Tower of Strength (Casbah Mix) and Butterfly on a Wheel (Trouberdour Mix)
Hands Across The Ocean is also available as single.
Vertigo 518 447-4
Vertigo 518 447-2
Vertigo 518 447-4
Jan 1994
Sum And Substance (Compilation Album)
Wasteland / Severina / Stay With Me/Tower Of Strength / Beyond The Pale (Armageddon Mix) / Butterfly On A Wheel / Deliverance / Into The Blue / Amelia / Hands Across The Ocean / Never Again / Like A Child Again (Remix) / Shades Of Green (Part 2) / Sour- Puss / Afterglow

Jah Wobble (1987)

cdSouthern Records 18522-3
Produced 1987
Released 1994
Sakharov / Island Paradise / Enough / No Second Chances / Dark Horse / To Erase / Alcohol / Jihad / No Message / Sales Target / The Hymns
Julianne sings lead vocals on "Sakharov", while "No Second Chances" is a duet with the former PIL member.

Fairport Convention (1989,1992)

Hokey Pokey ConeD
Hokey Pokey Cone
Various Artists : Circle Dance - The Hokey Pokey Charity Compilation
Features Fairport Convention's Who Knows Where The Time Goes, recorded live at Cropredy Festival on 19 Aug 89.
Band line up was : Martin Allcock (guitar), Dave Mattacks (keyboards), Simon Nicol (guitar), Dave Pegg (bass), Ric Sanders (violin), with Julianne Regan (vocals), Tim Bricheno (acoustic guitar), Gerry Conway (drums).
Also released on Green Linnet Records, GLCD 3054 (USA 1991, different sleeve).
2cdWoodworm WRDCD 022
Fairport Convention : 25th Anniversary Concert
Fairport Convention's performance of More Than The Blues with Julianne, live at Cropredy on 14 Aug 92.
Band line up was Simon Nicol (acoustic guitar, vocals), Dave Pegg (bass, vocals), Dave Mattacks (drums), Martin Allcock (keyboards), Chris Leslie (fiddle).
4cdFree Reed FRQCD 25
Cropredy Capers : 25 Years of the Festival
Cropredy 4cd box-set with 136-page full-colour book and 48 page Cropredy village guide. The first 2,000 serially-numbered sets are signed by Fairport Convention.
Julianne sings on Blackwaterside and After Halloween.

The Harmony Amulance (1993)

7"Rough Trade 45rev17
Apr 1993
Nature's Way
Nature's Way / All This And Heaven
Lead vocals on both tracks by Julianne. Released for the Rough Trade Singles Club.
Nature's Way is a Spirit cover.
cdRough Trade TDCN-5147
Rough Diamonds - Rough Trade Singles Club Vol.3
Various artists cd including Nature's Way / All This And Heaven

Schaft (1994)

cdVictor Entertainment
Japan 1994
The Hero Inside / Thirsty Fly / SKFI0047 / Nothing / Slice / Broken English / Merry Christmas On Mars / Information / Visual Cortex / Fetid Air / Arbor Vitate / Cold Light
Julianne sings lead vocals on Broken English.
NB: The Switchremix album is a remix album that does not contain the Broken English track !

Mice (1996)

See the Mice discography.

The Volares (1998)

cdRockadelic Records CD004
Inactive Entertainment 14001
USA 1998
The Night We Taught Ourselves To Sing
Down To The Lane / Teepee By The River / Morning On You / Open Book / Aspen / The Spirit Reveals Itself / Asleep In Egypt / Elegy For Tiny Tim / Universe Verse Chorus : The Big Suite
Julianne sings lead vocals on "Asleep In Egypt", and plays organ on "Open Book".
Marty Willson-Piper plays lead guitar on "Open Book".
lp On the vinyl version, the tracks from "Aspen" to "Elegy For Tiny Tim" are mixed together as one song, identical to the last cd track.
Limited edition LP with credit sheet (250 on multicoloured, green/blue vinyl, 250 copies black vinyl).
Also in very limited edition (only 20 made) 8-track cartridge.

This Burning Effigy (1998)

cdGrave News Fetish 20
The Parody / Sylvan / Exquisite / The Eternal Procession / An Untold Release / Transfiguration (Extract 1) : Seclusion / Descent / Exiled / Pure Complex (Version) / Nothing More Sacred Than Apathy / Bastardised / Transfiguration (Extract 3): Figures
Julianne sings lead vocals on "Exquisite" and backing vocals on "Descent".
"Pure Complex (Version)" is a duet with main vocals by Julianne.
cdGrave News Fetish 21
The Orra Man / Carnival Synrome / Change To Change / The Loose Fabric Of Sense / Transfiguration (Extract 2) : Delerium / Sterilise / In Adamantine Chains (Fatigues Issue) / Bare (Cabra Boot Bon Mix) / Pure Complex (Queen D-Eve-A Mix) / The Parody (Intra Muros Mix) / Exiled (Welders Union Mix) / After Thought (Retrospective Version / Instrumental)
Julianne sings backing vocals on "The Orra Man".
"Pure Complex" is a duet with main vocals by Julianne.

Bluemax (1998)

cdrKeenlogic Records
Long Way To Go / Head Room / Suicide Ballad / Superstar / Freefalling / She's So... / Backseat Of A Car / Spinning The Carousel / Sixty Five / Delaney
Julianne sings backing vocals on "Suicide Ballad", "Superstar" and "She's So...".
Andy Cousin plays bass on all tracks.
See the Mark Thwaite interview for more info.

Jules Et Jim (1999-2001)

Vocals by Julianne, music by Jean-Marc Lederman and Julianne.

cdsWilson Music WIL 002 Swimming
Swimming (Single Mix) / Only A Fool (Underwater Mix)
In card sleeve.
Wilson Music WIL 005
Jun 1999
Swimming (Single Edit) / Only A Fool (Radio Mix) / Swimming (Plastic Boat) / Only A Fool (Underwater Mix)
In jewel case.
cdJamtart aaevp2 Subtitles
If Life Were A Movie / What Are The Chances ? / I Only Have Eyes For You / It's A Beautiful World / Sylvia / Queen Kerosene

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